My Story


"So... Here's what happened."


Scripture tells us that believers "overcame and conquered him (the accuser) because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony," Revelation 12:11. 


What does that mean for us today? Well, there is real power in what Jesus did when He offered His perfect life to redeem ours. That opportunity to accept God's forgiveness and to live a life free of the bondage of sin is available to us today. When we do this, we begin to see God work in our life in ways that are pretty awesome! And when we share these stories, this is part of our testimony. 


Turns out, our testimony is quite possibly just what another person needs to hear to be encouraged or to find freedom, just like you. Please click the button below and share what God is doing in your life. We won't share it without your permission, but giving God the "shout-out" for His love, His healing, His peace- it matters.